16 states sued Trump. They want to challenge the introduction of PE

Trump decided to use the declaration of emergency to get money for the construction of the wall. He expects to allocate eight billion dollars from other items of expenditure.

The plaintiffs believe that the president cannot redirect money in this way, as Congress is funding the constitution. They filed a lawsuit to protect residents, natural resources, and economic interests.

He demanded $ 5 billion to build a wall on the border with Mexico. Democrats in Congress agree to give only $ 1.3 billion.

The work of the US government was temporarily suspended on December 22 due to disputes between Republicans and Democrats over financing the wall on the border with Mexico. The latter refused to support Trump’s idea of building a $ 5.7 billion fence. They consider the project “costly” and “ineffective.”

Why is it important:

A clash in court will raise questions about the control of funding and the scope of Trump’s powers. US presidents have declared a state of emergency before, but none of them used it to get funding to bypass congress, notes The New York Times.

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