Africa’s southern Kalahari Desert is not typically regarded as a hotbed of Stone Age innovations. And yet human culture blossomed there around 105,000 years ago, back when it was green, researchers say. Calcite crystals and other finds at a South African rock-shelter more than 600 kilometers from the nearest shorelineRead More →

Invasive species can wreak havoc on local ecosystems. Cleaning up that biological wreckage comes at a big price. These invaders, often thrust into new environments unintentionally (or intentionally, to combat pests) by humans, can transmit new diseases, devastate crops and eat away at crucial infrastructure. From 1970 to 2017, suchRead More →

Using blobs of skin cells from frog embryos, scientists have grown creatures unlike anything else on Earth, a new study reports. These microscopic “living machines” can swim, sweep up debris and heal themselves after a gash. Scientists often strive to understand the world as it exists, says Jacob Foster, aRead More →

Seventeen tiny particles recovered from a flat-topped mountain in eastern Antarctica suggest that a space rock shattered low in the atmosphere over the ice-smothered continent about 430,000 years ago. The nickel- and magnesium-rich bits were sifted from more than 6 kilograms of loose sediments collected atop the 2,500-meter-tall summit ofRead More →

April 1 (UPI) — Paul Simon has sold his entire song catalog to Sony Music Publishing, the musician and label have announced. Sony Music Publishing is now in control of Simon’s compositions including his solo material and Simon and Garfunkel work. Advertisement Sony can earn royalties from Simon’s songs beingRead More →