Actor Simu Liu got the role of the first Asian superhero in the Marvel universe

Actor Simu Liu got the role of the first Asian superhero in the Marvel universe, and after that criticism from users of social networks from China. Residents of the celebrity’s home country believe that the man is not attractive enough. The last straw for the star was a blogger review in which he interviewed passers-by about Liu’s appearance. And now fans of superhero films are trying to prove: Sim is a real handsome man.

Shang-chi in comics is a superhero of Chinese descent who has achieved unprecedented mastery in martial arts and later learned to create copies of himself. On July 20, at the Comic-Con festival, representatives of Marvel Studios announced that the film about the character will be released in 2021 and will be called “Chang-Chi and the Legend of Ten Rings.”


The main role of the first Asian superhero in the cinematic universe of Marvel was chosen by Canadian actor of Chinese origin Simu Liu.

But while some users of social networks from China (and not only) were happy with the long-awaited representation of Asians in the MCU, others found cause for criticism.


“It looks like the inhabitants of the West imagine all Asians,” “One eyelid, small eyes, square face,” the publication quotes a translation of comments on the appearance of the actor.

The reason for the Chinese people’s discontent with Sim is that Asian people have other ideals of beauty for men, not similar to the ideas of people from the West. Chiseled faces, deep-set eyes, and narrow noses are considered attractive.

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