The first woman president in the history of Slovakia. Lawyer Zuzana Chaputova won the election

The lawyer from the city of Pezinok 45-year-old Zuzana Chaputova, following the results of the second round of presidential elections on Saturday, was elected head of state.

“1,055,118 voters voted for Chaputova, 751,924 voters for Shefchovich,” a source in the State Electoral Commission told TASS.


The turnout was 41.8% of the 4,450,000 voters of the republic, whose population totals 5,445,087 citizens. The rate of electoral activity was the lowest in the history of direct and general presidential elections, which are held in the republic every five years. They were first held in 1999.

Be the president of all Slovaks


Chaputova intends to work in the interests of uniting the citizens of Slovakia. She stated this to reporters at her campaign headquarters in Bratislava.

“I will try to unite the Slovaks, gain trust and those who did not support me in the [presidential] elections,” she said. “With humility, I accept the responsibilities entrusted to me [by the people of Slovakia].”

Chaputova reaffirmed Slovakia’s Euro-Atlantic orientation. She said that on her first foreign visit she will go to the Czech Republic. “I respect the president of Milos Zeman as the legally elected head of the state,” the new head of the republic noted.

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