Macedonian President again refuses to approve the name change

The President of the Republic of Macedonia, Görge Ivanov, again refused to sign the law on changing the state name and refuted the statements made earlier by the Prime Minister of the country Zoran Zaev about his readiness to take such a step.

A message about this was published on Friday on the official website of the President of Macedonia.


Prime Minister Zaev continues to lie and manipulate not only the Macedonian but also the Greek and international public with his diverse, controversial and confusing opinions. The membership of the Republic of Macedonia in the European Union and NATO should not be abused in connection with the adoption of a treaty damaging, and with innumerable consequences for the Macedonian state and the Macedonian people, “the document says.

The President of Macedonia does not agree with the treaty, believing that it harms the Macedonian national identity and interests of the republic. “The position of President Ivanov has not changed and will not change under any pressure, blackmail, and threats,” the presidential administration’s statement emphasized.


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