North Korea confirms rocket launch in Sea of ​​Japan

Pyongyang confirmed the ballistic missile test in the Sea of ​​Japan, which was previously recorded by Japan and South Korea. Start was first made from a submarine.

A few days before negotiations with the United States on the North Korean nuclear program, the DPRK announced the successful testing of a ballistic missile in the Sea of ​​Japan. A statement was released on Wednesday, October 2, by North Korean state agency KCNA.


As noted in Pyongyang, for the first time a “new type” rocket was launched from a submarine. The launch was carried out from the coast in the port of Wonsan in “vertical mode” and had no “negative consequences” for neighboring countries, the report said.

South Korea recorded the launch of several unidentified shells. And the Japanese maritime security service warned all ships in the region about the threat of falling debris.


In late September, it became known that the DPRK and the United States had previously agreed on a date for bilateral negotiations. The parties agreed to hold consultations again at the working level on October 5.

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