Sanders says Trump will not be easy to defeat in the 2020 election

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders acknowledged that defeating the incumbent US President Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election will not be easy. He made such a statement on Tuesday during the second televised debate of candidates for nomination as an official candidate from the Democratic Party, which are being held in Detroit.

“In order to win this election and defeat Donald Trump, which, by the way, in my opinion, will not be easy, it is necessary to conduct a campaign that will be based on energy, enthusiasm and foresight,” said Sanders. “We need to make sure that millions of young people are involved in the political process like never before,” he said. According to Sanders, this can be achieved by canceling tuition fees at state colleges and universities, as well as refusing to practice student loans.


At the same time, a few minutes earlier, Sanders expressed confidence that he would succeed in taking a seat in the White House if he was nominated as a candidate from the Democratic Party.

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