Tentative deal reached to avoid second U.S. government shutdown

US President Donald Trump intends to sign a bipartisan agreement to build a wall on the border with Mexico in order to avoid the second shutdown – the closure of the federal government, the American television channel CNN reports referring to two unnamed sources who communicated with Trump.

Trump said that he was “not satisfied” with the preliminary deal reached by both parties in Congress because it far does not meet its initial requirements. This week, Democrats and Republicans agreed on an amount of $ 1.375 billion for the construction of a border structure, the size of the amount is significantly behind the $ 5.7 billion required by Trump.


However, by signing the bipartisan agreement, Trump will be able to exclude the option of repeating the shutdown. The American leader can sign the project by the end of the week.

CNN recalls that opinion polls showed that Americans mostly blamed Trump for the previous shutdown. It became the longest in American history: then the work of the government was suspended for 35 days.


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