The cyclone “Come” led to an outbreak of cholera in Mozambique

Confirmed death from cholera of one person in Beira, which suffered the most from a cyclone.

A patient with cholera died in a hospital in the Mozambican city of Beira. This was announced on March 31 by the director of the national health care service of Mozambique, Usen Isse, informs the TVM channel.


According to him, the outbreak of cholera is a consequence of the cyclone “Idai”, which hit the country.

Reuters said that the number of cases amounted to 517 people.


Cholera is an endemic disease for Mozambique. The last outbreak was recorded in February 2018.

“Go” has done serious damage to the Beira water supply infrastructure, which threatens a cholera epidemic.

The number of people who died on March 14 due to the tropical cyclone “Idai” in southeastern Africa is estimated at no less than 700 people. In Mozambique, 501 deaths were confirmed.

Some strolled along roads carved in a raging water a week ago. Others, hundreds of them, were transported in extraordinary temporary efforts by local fishermen who gathered people from small islands.

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