The speech of the President of the United States of America Donald Trump at the UN General Assembly caused a mixed reaction among the public

Who said: “The future does not belong to globalists. The future belongs to patriots”? And further: “Like my beloved country, every nation represented in this hall has its respected history, culture, and heritage, which are worth being protected and admired by them, and which give us our unique potential and strength. The free world shall respect his national foundations. He shall not attempt to destroy them or replace them. “

Honestly, if these quotes will sound in any of our elementary schools, and even show off in a frame on the wall, then there will be nothing but good. Although they belong to US President Donald Trump and are taken from his speech this week at the UN General Assembly.


To begin with, they tried not to pay any attention to this speech. In the end, Donald speaks at the UN for the third time and says the same thing there, almost literally – that’s the same thing about patriotism. Then they pretended that it did not matter what he was talking about: we, the globalists, had finally begun an impeachment procedure against him, this is an event, attacking him.

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