The President advised Congressman Cummings to monitor the district under his jurisdiction – the worst place to live in the US, according to Donald Trump

Democratic leaders accused Donald Trump of racism because of a series of tweets in which the president criticized Elijah Cummings, an African-American congressman representing Baltimore, the largest city in Maryland, in the lower house of Congress.

On Saturday morning, the president published a series of tweets in which he called Cummings “a rude bully.” Trump advised the congressman 
to focus on solving the problems of the residents of the county that he represents, instead of criticizing the work of the Customs and Immigration 
Service on the border with Mexico.

Last week Home Secretary Kevin Makalinan spoke at congressional 
hearings. During the meeting, Cummings accusedthe agency of creating 
unbearable conditions in which illegal migrants are kept at the border.

In another tweet, Trump asked why so much money was spent on the Cummings area, which spans Baltimore city center, about 64 kilometers northeast of Washington, “when it is considered the worst and most dangerous in the United States. States. “


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